Month-of Coordination: Four Things to Consider When Hiring a Wedding Coordinator

Many brides I speak with want the experience of planning their own weddings.  But they also recognize that in order for their plans to come to fruition as they envision them, there must be someone responsible for implementing their carefully laid plans.  Instead of leaving this important job to the mother of the bride or maid of honor (who both want to enjoy the wedding), more and more brides are deciding to hire a month-of (also known as day-of) coordinator.  To find out more about what a month-of coordinator does, click here to read one of our past blogs.  For today’s article, I’d like to answer some questions I am frequently asked about this service.

When should I hire a month-of coordinator?

Just because a month-of coordinator is not involved with your wedding during the early stages of planning does not mean you should wait until the last minute to hire him or her.    You should decide at the beginning of the planning process (or as close to the beginning as possible) that you are going to hire someone.  Why is this important?  Mainly, so that you can include the coordinator’s services in your budget.  Unfortunately, I’ve met a few brides who really wanted to hire a coordinator, but didn’t set aside any finances for that service.  By the time they decide to hire someone and determine how much one will cost, there is no room in the budget.

What do I have to provide my coordinator?

The coordinator needs to know EVERYTHING associated with your wedding, if you want him or her to effectively implement your plans.  Your coordinator will need to know all of the details regarding your vendors (your contracts should spell out all of the services that will be provided), any special décor and design items that you will need handled (i.e., centerpieces set up in a certain way, linen color schemes, room layout, etc.), and even any sensitive or delicate family issues.  This is not the time to hide anything from your coordinator!  Note: when you meet with a coordinator prior to hiring them, he or she will probably want to know specifics about what has to be done on wedding day, so that she can provide an accurate proposal to her; please be as forthcoming as possible even during this initial meeting.

What do I do after I hire my coordinator?

Once your coordinator has had an opportunity to review everything you’ve provided, he or she will want to communicate with your regularly as additional questions arise.  The coordinator has to absorb in a matter of weeks what you have been planning over the last several months.    She is quite capable of doing it, but because your wedding is coming up very soon, it’s important that you are responsive to her phone calls, emails and requests for meetings.

What do I do on my wedding day?

Your coordinator has all of your details in hand, has developed a plan to make everything happen, and has briefed her staff to fully support you on your wedding day…so RELAX!  After all, this is why you hired a coordinator! Trust him or her to do the job they are trained to do, and encourage your families and wedding party members to do the same.

Happy Planning!


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